The first design from the Adaala Collection is ready to pre-order

Adaala Collection symbolises the justice that is much needed around the world at the moment. It is an artistic collaboration between the Creative Director who is from a Sudanese origin and the Welsh designer of the brand LLen who crafted the pieces. The pieces are made with reclaimed organic materials from Sudan and Wales- some with a zero-waste concept. The pieces symbolise unity and celebrates differences between cultures. It narrates a story of the beauty of Sudan as a country in Welsh surroundings.

A percentage of each purchase will be donated to those affected by the war in Sudan.

The Adaala Collection

The Adaala Collection

Inspired by the justice that we dream to see in our country... 


  • Impactful designs

    We aim to create fashion with an impact

  • Culturally motivated

    We believe that culture is the spice of life

  • Creating no waste

    We strive on sustainable ideals and aim to do our part to save the enviorment